Different Types of Headlights

Different Types of Headlights

Headlights are illuminating devices that are fixed in the front end of the car to light the road ahead for excellent visibility and make your night drives enjoyable. They come in various types as discussed below:


  • Halogen and Incandescent Headlights: These are the classic and very old type of headlights that have been used right from the first car in the 1950s.They contain a filament wire known as tungsten suspended in a vacuum which heats up to produce the light when electricity is passed, and vacuum takes care of breakage. But halogen, as the word describes, has halogen gas-filled as well.
  • Halogen headlights are more widely used than incandescent headlights for reasons like efficiency, energy saving, brighter light, no flickering or loss of light, easily replaceable and long-lasting.


  • Projector Beam headlights: stands out by being fitted as a rear-facing bulb in cars. They glow with the help of reflective cases of headlights to cast uniform lit and brighter spot.

  • Fog Headlights: Such headlights are mainly designed for driving during extreme conditions like rain, snow or fog and are sold as add on products to maximize your visibility during a night drive.


  • Halo Headlights: Such headlights work by forming a halo around projector beams giving an illusion of eye shape appearance. They are used to provide an aesthetic appeal and meant for a sporty and stylish look.

  • LED Headlights: are an advanced form of headlight that is resistant to water, durable, efficient and consumes less electricity giving three times more visibility than traditional headlights. Unlike HID, they do not provide blue tint and produce much brighter white light. Though, they require same installation process as HID and as costly as HID but are good energy savers. They are mostly used for car interiors than front side headlights.


  • Laser Headlights: These kinds of lights would be the future trend of lighting in automobiles and are a hot topic in the market. They function by shining on the mirrors in headlight units and reflect on lenses containing gases to emit strong beams. They are hundred times more powerful than, but the only drawback is excessive heat issues.


  • Xenon Headlights:Such headlights are more commonly called HID lights which emits much brightness than the rest and also a newer version of Halogen. They contain arc of electricity which produces light and mostly used in luxury car for high performance and maximum efficiency and is at least ten times more long-lasting than old-style halogen headlights.


  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Conversion Kits: Such kits are required when your car already has halogen headlights, but you want to convert them into Xenon HID. These kits come with a combination of Xenon bulb and ballast to replace halogen bulb in headlights unit. Before you decide to get conversion kits home remember that such packages are legal only for cars that are manufactured having xenon headlights fitted. HID gives a blue tint to headlights and is way expensive than other types.

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