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This H1/H4/H7 24v Universal Bulb Kit is suitable for all vehicles, the kit includes all the most common bulbs and fuses you would be likely to need

The kit comes in a hard plastic case for safe keeping.



Included in this comprehensive kit

1 x 466(H1) head and fog bulb

1 x 499A(H7) head and dip bulb

1 x 475(H4) head and dip bulb

1 x 149 sidelight bulb

1 x 150 sidelight bulb

1 x 507 sidelight bulb

1 x 241 indicator bulb

1 x 334 stop/tail bulb

1 x 242 interior bulb

1 x 249 sidelight bulb

1 x 246 sidelight bulb

1 x 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20amp fuses

H1/H4/H7 24v Universal Bulb Kit
24V Universal Bulb Kit   £ 13.95
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