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The Special European Safety Travel Pack includes these items, which are ALL compulsory in Europe and especially for Driving In France:

  • An Alcosense, NF Approved Twin Pack Breathalyser - As seen on all the recent TV Coverage regarding the new legislation
  • One pair of Eurolite/AA Beam Deflectors - AA Branded, quality assured
  • A Reflective Warning Triangle hard carry case - easily assembled 
  • A High Viz reflective Waistcoat (Adult) - All EN approved 

  • A Spare Bulb & Fuse Kit  - Designed to cover nearly all cars and fully compliant with Driving In France requirements 
  • One Magnetic GB Sticker - Quality Magnetic Badge - WIll not scratch or ruin paintwork like some stickers and can be reused

All this comes complete with a handy carry bag that fits snugly into your car or caravan and keeps the contents safe until they are needed.

Includes a universal bulb kit containing the three most popular car headlight bulbs (H1, H4 & H7) - together with a selection of other common replacement bulbs and fuses.

The kit also contains the French NF approved twin breathalyser kit - now compulsory for Driving in France.  Many other European countries are expected to follow suit.  Using one of these will indicate whether you are over or under the French legal limit.  Remember, the limit for driving in France is lower than for the UK!
If you want to change the quantity of any items in this kit - you are better off using our travel kit selector which enables you to pick the quantity of each item within the kit.  The prices are also discounted on this page.

The First aid kit is NOT included in this kit but is available at the travel kit selector at a reduced price.
European Safety Travel Pack
Euro Kit Special - Inc Universal Bulb Kit & Breathalyser Kit   £ 28.95
Euro Kit Special - Inc Universal Bulb Kit & Breathalyser Kit- 2 High Viz   £ 33.95
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